Residential/Open Burning Information

rules pertaining to open burning within the city of deland

The regulation of open burning is designed to reduce air pollution significantly. It is the intent to require that open burning be conducted in a manner, under conditions, and within certain periods that will reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of air pollution caused by open burning. The intent also involves averting threats to health, life, property, public ways, and preventing nuisance fires. Campfire

Severe wind or extreme dry conditions would warrant a refusal to allow controlled burning. These conditions will be determined by the Fire Chief or his/her designee utilizing and in consideration of the Florida Division of Forestry daily burn index.

Burn Applications

Residential Burn Application

Bonfire Application

Please contact the Department of Forestry for information on their burn permit requirements.

Open Burning of Yard Waste

Open burning of yard waste is allowed provided:

  • The yard debris must be only leaves, small limbs, or other vegetation. Absolutely no garbage, petroleum products, tires, or other materials not classified as dead vegetation will be allowed.
  • The moisture content and composition of material to be burned is favorable to good burning which will minimize smoke.
  • The yard waste was generated on residential premises of not more than two family units. The open burning is conducted on the premises where the material was generated.
  • The fire must be supervised from the time of ignition until it is completely out. An extinguishing appliance, such as a water hose, must be available close enough to the fire for extinguishment if necessary.
  • The fire setback is at least 25 feet from any wild lands, brush, or combustible structure, 50 feet from any paved public roadway, and 150 feet from any occupied building other than that owned or leased by the individual doing the burning.
  • Absolutely no gasoline, kerosene, or other hazardous materials can be used for ignition.
  • The fire is enclosed in a noncombustible container or is restricted to a pile no greater than eight feet in diameter built upon ground cleared of all combustible material.
  • Any fire in a noncombustible container is covered with wire mesh to keep sparks from flying out and starting fires.
  • The fire is attended and adequate fire extinguishing equipment is readily available at all times.
  • Miscellaneous allowed burning: A campfire or bonfire will be allowed if used solely for recreational purposes, ceremonial purposes, for outdoor food, or on cold days for warming outdoor workers as long as excessive fire and smoke is not emitted.
  • In the event of a reasonable complaint from a neighbor, the fire will be extinguished by the person or persons responsible for the fire. The Fire Official may make the final determination as to whether or not there has been a reasonable complaint or if the fire constitutes a hazard.

If for any reason, the City of DeLand Fire Department has to extinguish the burning, the Responsible Party shall pay a minimum charge of $150.00 with an additional charge of $150.00 per hour per apparatus.