Historic & Cultural Resources

Mission Statement

The City of DeLand has a rich history and we strive to preserve that history and build upon it.


The City reviews all new development and redevelopment in the downtown historic district. There are a number of resources in the following that will help anyone who is considering a renovation project downtown.

Downtown Historic Photos - 1987

120 N Woodland Ave - Volusia County Bank

120 N Woodland Ave_Volusia County Bank_1987_Historic Photos

101 S Woodland - Drecka-Whitehair Bldg

101 S Woodland_Drecka-Whitehair Bldg_1987_Historic Photos

225 W New York Ave - Putnam Hotel

225 W New York Ave_Putnam Hotel_1987_Historic Photos

115 E Howry - First Methodist Church

115 E Howry_First Methodist Church_1987_Historic Photos

135 W. Howry Ave

135 W Howry_1987_Historic Photos

145 W. Howry Ave

145 W Howry_1987_Historic Photos

108-110 N. Florida Ave.

108-110 N Florida Ave_1987_Historic Photos

200 Block of N. Woodland Blvd

200 Block N Woodland_1987_Historic Photos

120 N. Florida Ave - DeLand City Hall

120 N Florida Ave_City Hall_1987_Historic Photos

101 N. Woodland Blvd - First National Bank

101 N Woodland Ave_First National Bank_1987_Historic Photos

215 S. Woodland Ave - Landmark Hotel

215 S Woodland Ave_Landmark Hotel_1987_Historic Photos

103-109 W. Indiana Ave

103-109 W Indiana Ave_1987_Historic Photos

131-145 N. Woodland Blvd

131-145 N Woodland Ave_1987_Historic Photos

142 S. Woodland Blvd.

142 S Woodland Ave_1987_Historic Photos

109 W. Indiana Ave.

109 W Indiana Ave_1987_Historic Photos

120 W. Indiana Ave. - Volusia County Courthouse

120 W Indiana Ave_Courthouse_1987_Historic Photos

110-116 W. Indiana Ave.

110-116 W Indiana Ave_1987_Historic Photos

100 S. Woodland Blvd - Fish Building

100 S Woodland Ave_Fish Bldg_1987_Historic Photos

103 W. Indiana Ave. - Society Hall Opera House

103 W Indiana Ave_Society Hall Opera House_1987_Historic Photos